Programming In C Sharp

C# is a powerful backend coding language used for Microsoft web and desktop applications. C# is a C-style language, so you can take C# and learn other languages such as Java, C and C++.

Fundamentals of C#

Data Types and Variables

  • Introduction to C#
  • Your Integrated Development Environment
  • Console Programs
  • Getting Console Input
  • Value Data Types
  • Variables
  • Reference Data Types
  • Introducing Strings
  • The Binary Number System

Basic Flow Control

Library Functions in C# to handle Arithmetic operations and Strings

  • Logical Expressions
  • Using the “if” Statement
  • For Loops
  • While Loops
  • Math Operators (+, -, *, /, and %)
  • .NET Framework Math Functions
  • Common String Operations
  • Formatting Strings
  • Converting Between Strings and Numbers


Debugging and Exceptions

  • Writing and Calling Methods
  • Method Parameters and Return Values
  • Calling Methods
  • The Visual Studio Debugger
  • Debugging Demonstration
  • C# Runtime Exceptions

Generics and Collections

Classes in C#

  • Generics

Generic Methods and Classes

Generic Delegates

  • Collections


Stack and Queue

Array List, List, Linked List


  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • History of OOP

• Designing an Object

  • Defining a Class
  • Properties and Methods
  • Public vs. Private
  • Constructors
  • Static Members

Inheritance and Polymorphism

File I/O and Streams

  • Base Classes and Derived Classes
  • Using References to Base and Derived Classe
  • Virtual Base Methods
  • The “Object” Base Class
  • Using Base Features from Derived Classes
  • Interfaces

Implementing and Extending Interfaces

The is and as Operators

Interfaces vs. Abstract Classes

  • File and Directory Management
  • Reading and Writing Text Files
  • Reading and Writing Binary Files

Delegates and Events Delegates


The delegate keyword

Assigning Methods to Delegates

Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions


The event keyword

Publish-Subscribe Pattern

Event Properties and Handlers


Using A sync Callback and IA sync Result

Standard Events

Using Event Handler and Eventers