Professional Program in Tableau

Case Studies & Assignments

  • Workshop Study Material (Shared with all participants, Workshop Live Case Studies and Multiple sample databases with live case studies along with real-life situations

Delivery Mode

  • Classroom Sessions & Online Sessions

Key Learning Outcomes: -

  • Tableau Tips & Tricks
  • Data Visualization best practices
  • Picking up the right type of visuals
  • Skilled in charts and different formatting types
  • Create interactive visualizations with charts
  • Work on real-time interactive databases
  • Understanding of built-in Tableau functions


  • You will get Certificate of Completion after completing the course

Tableau Course Curriculum

Topics to be Covered Duration

Module 1: Getting Started with Tableau

Introduction to Data Visualization

  • Why Visualize Data?
  • 5 Thumb Rules for Powerful Visualization Leading Data Visualization Tools

Introduction to Tableau

  • What is Tableau
  • Tableau Products Suite

Exploring Interface and Important Key Component Navigating Through Tableau Menu Tabs

  • Exploring Each Menu Tab i.e. File, Data, Worksheet, Dashboard, Story, Analysis, Map,Format, Server etc.*

Tableau – Design Flow

File Types

  • Workbook, and Packaged Workbook
  • Data Source 

Tableau Data Types

  • String, Number Boolean, Date & Date Time

Show Me

  • Show Me with Two Fields
  • Show Me with Multiple Fields

Data Terminology

  • Alias, Bin, Bookmark, Calculated Field, Crosstab, Dashboard, Data Pane, Data Source Page, Dimension, Extract, Filters, Shelf, Format Pane, Level of Details (LOD) Expression, Marks, Marks Card, Pages Shelf, Rows Shelf, Shelves, Workbook,Worksheet

Module 2: Connecting to Data with Tableau Desktop

Introduction to Data Connection

  • Connecting to Data From File, Database or Server

Data Source Interface

Types of Data Connections

  • What is a Live Connection
  • Real Time Update
  • In-Memory
  • Combine Data Sources

Extracting Data

  • Creating an Extract
  • Applying Extract Filters
  • Adding New Data to Extract
  • Extract History

Custom Data View

Joins and Unions

  • Show Me with Two Fields
  • Show Me with Multiple Fields

Data Blending

  • Preparing Data for Blending
  • Adding Secondary Data Sources
  • Blending the Data

Live Connection Vs Extract

Field Operations

  • Adding Fields to Worksheet
  • Combining Two Fields
  • Searching Fields
  • Recording Fields
  • Column Alias

Basic Project Activity

  • Creating a Workbook and Publishing it
  • Saving Workbook in different Tableau Formats

Module 3: Examining & Filtering

The Sheet Interface

Dimensions & Measures


  • Create a Hierarchy
  • Built In Hierarchies

Data Granularity

  • Data Granularity using Marks Card


Data Sorting

  • Sorting Using Toolbar
  • Sorting Using Pill
  • Sorting Using Marks Card
  • Sorting By Legends
  • Sorting By Headers

Grouping Data

  • Group By Header
  • Group By Data Window
  • Group Hierarchies

Data Filtering

  • Basic Filtering
  • Filtering By Header, Legends, General Tab
  • Filtering By Wildcard, and Top Tab

Data Source Filters

The Filter Shelf

Dimension Filters & Card Modes Context Filters

Measure Filters

Creating Sets

  • Creating a Fixed Set
  • Creating a Dynamic Set (Using General and Top Tab)

Module 4: Field Types & Charts

Module 5: Calculations in Tableau

Utilize Auto-Generated Fields

Use Titles, Captions and Tooltips Effectively Creating Bins

ToolTip Basic Charts

  • Bar Chart
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Discrete Line Chart
  • Continuous Line Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Dual Axis Chart

What is Calculations

  • Why Calculations?
  • Types of Calculations

Methods to Create Calculated Field

  • Exploring Calculated Field interface
  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Calculation Syntax

Introduction to Tableau Functions

  • Aggregate Functions
  • Number Functions
  • String Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Type Conversion Functions

Operator and Syntax Conventions

Introduction to Table Calculations

  • What is a Table Calculation?
  • Table Calculation Types
  • Quick Table Calculation

Module 6: Calculations in Tableau

Module 7: Geographical Visualization

Level of Detail (LOD) Calculations

  • LOD Types
  • Fixed LOD Expression
  • Include LOD Expression
  • Exclude LOD Expression

Live Use Cases of LOD

  • Calculating Percentage of Running Total

Introduction to Parameters

  • Creating Parameters
  • Multiple Parameters
  • Using Parameters to Change the Visualization Field
  • Parameters Data Type Options

Introduction to Geographic Visualizations

  • Introducing Maps
  • Assigning Geographic Role to Fields

Maps Using Marks Card

  • Assigning Geographical Locations
  • Ambiguous Geographical Locations
  • Editing Geographic Locations

Modifying and Editing Unrecognized Locations

Spatial Files

  • What are Spatial Files
  • Create Maps from a Spatial Files
  • Map Views from a Spatial Files

Map Types

  • Filled Maps
  • Symbol Maps
  • Density Maps

Custom Geocoding

  • Steps for Custom Geocoding

Background Image

  • Adding and Editing Background Images
  • Generating the Views
  • Generating Coordinates


Module 8: Advanced Charts in Tableau

Module 9: Dashboard & Stories

  1. Introduction to Advanced Charts
  2. Bar in Bar Chart
  3. Bullet Chart
  4. Pareto Chart
  5. Gantt Chart
  6. Hierarchy and Tree Maps
  7. Box and Whisker’s Plot
  8. Waterfall Chart
  9. Step and Jump Lines
  10. Maps on a Scatter Plot
  11. Bubble Chart
  12. Control Chart
  13. Funnel Chart
  14. Packaged Bubbles
  15. Word Cloud
  16. Donut Chart
  17. Trendlines
  • Different Types of Trendlines

Reference Line, Bands and Distributions

  • Scope of the Line
  • Aggregating Options
  • Labels
  • Band
  • Distribution

Introduction to Dashboards

  • What is a Dashboard
  • When Creating Dashboard
  • Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard
  • Thumb Rules to Create Dashboard The Dashboard Interface

Important Dashboard Objects

  • Adding Objects to the Dashboard
  • Adding a Web Page Object
  • Adding a Text Object
  • Adding an Image Object Building a Dashboard

Dashboard Design and Formatting

  • Containers
  • Floating
  • Tiled
  • Positioning and Sizing
  • Filtering
  • Formatting Types of Actions
  • What is an Actions
  • Adding a Filter Action
  • Adding a URL Action

Designing Dashboard for Tablets & Mobile-Phones Story Points

  • Creating a Story Point
  • Adding a Filter Action Sharing Workbook
  • Publish to Office, PDF
  • Publishing to Tableau Server and sharing over the web Wrapping up Tableau Program

Career Benefits

  • Become Eligible for Business Intelligence (BI) jobs
  • Open doors to Job Opportunities Abroad demanding specialization
  • Distinguish your profile from peers during Job Interviews
  • Get Promoted in current profile with most in-demand skill
  • Improve CV & LinkedIn Profile with professional development
  • Support a Start-up with high ROI
  • Build a Start-up in one of the most rewarding fields of today- Business Intelligence!