Post Graduate Program in Financial Modeling Using Analytics

Duration: 6 month

Financial modeling is a key skill for making large and complex financial decisions. It is used widely across investment banking, equity/credit research and sales.

Finance Industry is looking to hire people who

  • Can create dynamic financial models

Who should do this course?

  • Anyone interested in finance
  • Want to work in Finance sector

What you learn

  • Specialized knowledge
  • Problem Solving
  • Cost of capital and uses Essential economics
  • Investment banking operations

Specialized skills

  • Profile building
  • Aptitude skills Communication Interview skills CV writing

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Problem Solving in Excel

Learning Outcome

Know what types of business problems can emerge

› Break-down a problem to component parts

› Collect data and describe the problem

› Compute and present a solution

Module 2 Financial Statement Analysis

 Learning Outcomes

Module 3 Corporate Finance

Learning Outcomes

Understand what metrics are required to take financial decisions

Module 4 Equity Modeling

Module 5 – Risk Management

Module 6 Power BI

Module 7 R program