Certification in Finance and Accounts (CIFA)

Duration:  3 months

It is a short-term Certificate Course in Accounting and Finance for students having interest in accounts and finance. 

It begins with concepts and applications like time value of money, risk-return trade off, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, asset valuation, and many others. The specialization uses Excel to make the experience more hands-on and help learners understand the concepts more directly. From valuing claims and making financing decisions, to elements of a basic financial model, the coursework provides a solid foundation to corporate finance.

Minimum Eligibility:

10+2 or equivalent examination

Higher Study options:



1. IT Fundamentals – M.S. Office with Adv. Excel

2. Advance Excel

  • Knowing computer
  • Operating computerusing GUI based operating system
  • Understanding word processing. …
  • Using spread sheet. …
  • Introduction to internet, www and web browsers. …
  • Communications and collaboration. …
  • Making small presentations. …
  • Financial literacy for banking scheme and applications.
  • Identify The Fundamentals of Information Analysis
  • Report Types and Their Formats
  • Explore The Information Analysis and Reporting Tools
  • Organizing Data
  • Perform Basic Calculations
  • Perform Statistical Calculations
  • Financial Calculations
  • Nested If Functions
  • Macros
  • What-If-Analysis
  • Forecast Sheet
  • Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
  • Powerview
  • Introduction Of VBA
  • Consolidation
  • Sorting
  • Multiple Lookups (Both Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Salary Sheet

3. Fundamentals of Accounting

4. Accounting and Audit Practice

  • Meaning, Principles, Categories, and Statements
  • Accounting Principles
  • Accounting Categories
  • Journal and Ledger in Accounting
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Accounting
  • Types of Accounts and Three Golden Rules

GST Law and Practices

  • Introduction of tax
  • Introduction of GST
  • Previous tax concept
  • New tax concept
  • Practical concept of GST
  • Registration for GST
  • Types of dealer difference between dealer
  • Types of registration form
  • Concept of supply
  • GST form
  • Refund process


  • Introduction of tax
  • Introduction to TDS
  • Process of TDS
  • Transaction
  • Configuration of TDS at each level
  • TDS payment to department

5. Tally Prime

6. Professional Skills

  • Introduction to Tally Prime
  • Maintaining charts of Accounts
  • Recording to Maintaining Accounting Transaction
  • Banking
  • Generating Financial Statements and MIS Reports
  • Data Security
  • Company Data Management
  • Storage and Classification of Inventory
  • Accounts Receivables and Payable Management
  • Purchase and sales Order Management
  • Tracking Additional Costs of Purchase
  • Cost/Profit Centres Management
  • Budget and Scenarios

Generating & Printing Reports

Key highlights of the Training

  • Our expertise programs will make an integral turning for the trainees as it will sharpen their skills in all domain of banking and finance and make you glory in your professional era.
  • Learn new tools and techniques to drive long-term growth in any economic climate.
  • Development the skills and expertise in the domain specialization.
  • Develop credit portfolio modelling skills effectively analyse, measure and mitigate risk.
  • Expand your knowledge of the theories, tools, market dynamics and regulations in capital market.
  • Expert Trained Certified faculties.


  • CQS certification of proficiency
  • Tally international certification
  • TDS Micro Certification

Student Feedback

Hello Everyone, My name is Nikita.
I am learning Advance program in banking and Finance from cqs training private Ltd .
My experience with CQS is nice the atmosphere here is awesome write now I am learning Advance Excel from Faculty Deepa negi as she is providing me a classes NISM. I am very grateful to having such faculty and helping environment like this management is always there for you to help
😊 thanks to mam and cqs

Hello all my name is sneha. I am persuing banking course form CQS and my faculty is PRACHI MAM. I am very happy with the teachers specially with Prachi mam because the way of her teaching is good and easy to understand. She also encourage us to participate in extra co curricular activities. I am that she is my faculty because she is very smart and active.

Hloo…. I am Bhumika Tomar, my decision to join CQS Training Pvt. Ltd. was absolutely right to make my career in banking and Finance. My all over experience here is very brilliant. The knowledge given by the Himani ma’am, Prachi ma’am, Ishwar sir is very helpful to me & during training they solved thought related the topics. I can really imagine how helpful this course(BFSI) is to me, I really got so much information which could help to better my position. Thank you.
I have started working in Bandhan Bank and it’s actually a great career start of my life

Great experience at this institute I have started working with Sun Life Financial as a Associate.
Courses offered plus efforts of the staff is very appreciable..
Specially the Banking and Finance trainers.
The trainers are really very talented and have vast knowledge they give their full efforts in teaching students.
And i just want to say that this is the only institute in Delhi who can teach you about the conceptual knowledge for Finance and Banking and guide you for your career and placements.  I will recommend each and all to kindly visit the institute once..