Introduction to C

Keywords, Variables and Data Types 

  • C Programming Introduction & History
  • Hello World Program using C
  • Flow of C Program
  • Keywords and Variables in C
  • Data Types in C
  • Constant in C
  • C print and scan Functions

Comments and Operators 


  • Comments and Operators in C
  • Operator Example in C
  • Operator Example Part 2
  • If Statement in C
  • If Else Statement in C
  • If and Else If Ladder Statement
  • Switch Statement Part 1
  • Switch Statement Part 2
  • To find Odd and Even Number Program



  • C Loops and For Loops
  • C Nested for Loop
  • While Loop in C
  • Do While Loop in C
  • Program to Calculate Factorial of a Number
  • Function In C Introduction with Example
  • Function : Example with Parameters
  • Function : Call by Value
  • Function : Call by Reference
  • Recursion in C



  • Array in C
  • Array example ( Input and Output in an Array )
  • 2D Array example
  • Passing array to function
  • Pointer to Pointer
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation mallow

String and Method

File Handling

  • String in C
  • C Gets and Puts Method
  • C String Function
  • C Math Function
  • Structure in C with Example
  • File Handling Write Data to File
  • File Handling Read Data to File
  • Command Line Input Arguments
  • C Pre Processor Directive