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Program Objective

Advance Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that can be used for data analysis and reporting. Benefits of learning Advance Excel include the ability to manipulate large amounts of data, create sophisticated reports, and automate tasks. Certification in Advance Excel from CQS demonstrates proficiency in using the software and can help improve job prospects.

Advance Excel course help students to get a job because it provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the workforce. Advance Excel courses cover topics such as formulas, functions, pivot tables, and more. These topics are essential for any student who wants to pursue a career in business or data analysis. With an Advance Excel course, students will be able to stand out from the competition and get the jobs they want. With the help of this programme you would be able to manage data in your respective company. Shortcuts and tips will able to help you in your day to day routine work.

There are many benefits to learning Advance Excel. Here are some of the key benefits:

With this Programme you will able to learn various important aspects of Excel like Conditional Formatting, Validation, Pivot Table, Chart, Advance Filtering, Smart Art, Themes, Formula Auditing, Extraction data from Different Sources, Web Queries, Goal Seek, Solver, Table, Connections, Protection on different level and lots more

Who Is This Program For?

10th Pass, 12th Pass, Under Graduates, Graduates, and Working Professionals

Top Skills You Will Learn

manipulate large amounts of data, create sophisticated reports, and automate tasks and more.

Job Opportunities

Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, Information Clerk, Office Machine Operator, Word Processor


Advance Excel course help students to get a job because it provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the workforce.

Duration: 2 Months

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Excel Components – Tabs, Ribbons, Workbook, Sheet, Row, Columns, cells…
  • Understanding of Cells Address, Data Entry & modifications
  • Movements & various ways to range selections
  • Data formatting in Excel
  • Using ‘Go To’ to search specific cells (Blanks, Comment, formula etc..)
  • Range Copy, Paste & Paste Special
  • Data Sorting
  • Data Filtering
  • Data Validations
  • Remove Duplicate
  • Text To columns
  • Find & Replace
  • Subtotal, Group & Ungroup
  • Data Protections in Excel (Cells, Sheet, Workbook)
  • Conditional formatting
  • What-If analysis (Goal Seek, Tables & Scenario Manager)
  • Understanding of Excel Operations, formula & Functions
  • Basic & frequently used functions – Sum, Count, Average, Left, Right, Mid, Len, Find, Search, Replace, Today, now
  • Evaluate Formula, Error checking, Trace Precedents, Dependents
  •  Excel Charts
  • Charts modifications
  • Advance Chart techniques
  • If & Nested If Functions with AND/OR
  • Logical functions
  • Text Functions
  • Data & Time Functions
  • Lookup & Reference Functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Database Functions
  • Understanding of Pivot table
  • Pivot Charts
  • Pivot table formatting
  • Using formal in Pivot table
  • Slicer
  • Getting Started with Power Pivot
  • Enable and Navigate Power Pivot
  • Manage Data Relationships
  • Visualizing Power Pivot Data
  • Create a Power Pivot Report
  • Create Calculations in Power Pivot
  • Working with Advanced Functionality in Power Pivot
  • Create a Key Performance Indicator
  • Work with Dates and Time in Power Pivot
  • Projects
  • Flash Fill
  • Data Tables in Excel
  • A Second Data Table
  • Excel Scenarios
  • Goal Seek
  • Absolute Cell References
  • Named Ranges in Excel
  • Create a Custom Name in Excel
  • More on Named Ranges
  • Excel Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Tables, Part Two
  • Reference other Worksheets
  • The LOOKUP Function
  • The VLOOKUP Function in Excel
  • Searching with MATCH and INDEX
  • Create a Business Invoice, Part One
  • Excel Business Invoice, Part Two
  • Business Invoice
  • The Average Function
  • The Date Function
  • Time Functions in Excel
  • A Timetable Project
  • Financial Projects
  • The Student Averages Project
  • How to Create an Excel Template
  • Data Forms in Excel
  • Drop Down Lists in Excel
  • Add your own Error Messages
  • Array Formulas Intermediate Excel
  • Frequency Distribution Intermediate Excel
  • Hyperlinks in Excel
  • Object Linking and Embedding 9 Insert Drawing Objects

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 Job roles that are available after completing the Advance Course include:

  • Computer Operator

  • Data Entry Operator

  • Information Clerk

  • Data Analyst

  • Proofreader

  • Financial Analyst



Direct From Our Students' Heart

Hi everyone! I am student of cqs training pvt Ltd. I am doing advance diploma in Banking and Finance. I am studying from Miss Himani ma'am. She is very professional and excellent trainer in finance and accounts. Thank you
Sumit Bhalla
ADBF Student
Course name :- banking and finance. The best place to learn 💯 The environment is so nice 😊 And all the teachers are great and friendly too. I personally recommend it to everyone who is looking forward to make their career in Banking and Finance sector.
ADBF Student
I am Raina Mehto, learning banking and finance from CQS .My mentors are himani mam , Prachi mam, and Ishwar sir . I have taken my classes from them they are really good teachers they solve our queries in a very innovative manner . Here teachers are really helpful and supportive a very good environment for students i really enjoyed studing here.
Raina Mehto
ADBF Student
Hello I'm Kanishka, student from CQS Training pvt.Ltd. I'm pursuing my pro career from here. My teacher is Himani ma'am. We are learning skills over computer and finances in a very easy and pleasant manner. It's been 4 months I'm taking my classes from Himani ma'am she taught us in a very friendly manner and helps us to resolve the query very efficiently. Thx I'm highly recommending cqs training pvt Ltd for every professional and student who wishes to pursue their career in finance and accounts and banking finance. Thanks Himani ma'am for helping us out
Finance and Accounts Student
Hey ! My name is bhumika and i am pursuing diploma in banking and finance from CQS . It’s been a great experience here i got to learn a lot of things and my faculties( himani mam , prachi mam , ishwar sir ) were very attentive towards me they are absolutely fantasting to my study prompt or reply my queries
DIFA Student
Hello, I am Vaishali student of CQS I joined this institute to take training for BFSI . My all over experience is very good. The knowledge given by the himani ma'am, prachi ma'am, ishwar sir is very helpful to me & during training they solve thought related the topic.I can really imagine how helpful to course(bfsi) is to me, I really got so much information which could help to better my position.Thank you.
ADBF Student

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