Online Learning at CQS is driven by an efficient Learning Management System. The Courses are designed to help students to learn at their own pace.


Self-Paced Portion

Student complete course work at their own pace but still need to meet weekly deadlines. Students regularly login to a learning management system , a virtual portal were student can view their syllabus and; contact faculty, classmates and support services; access course materials; and monitor their progress on lessons

Synchronous Component

Student view live lectures online and sometimes participate in discussions through videoconferencing. The schedule of interactive online live streaming of session is available in student logins and on website. Students can attend live classes from their mobile as well as desktop

Assessment & Revision Session

Online learning at CQS is complemented by On-screen marking Test Series with real time performance analysis in student logins. The Student can practise and access their knowledge themselves by taking practice sessions online. The intelligent learning Management system provides personalized revision sessions helping the students improves.


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