Course Detail
  • Digital Marketing is about marketing and promotions of products and services over the internet through various online platforms. Internet Marketing is going to stay and if you want to make your career in it then join the best. Digital Marketing course in Delhi NCR by CQS Training Pvt. Ltd. Today every enterprise needs to have its digital presence on internet. There is a huge customer base which is using internet. There is a subsequent increase in number of people using internet on mobile devices. With sincere efforts in area of digital marketing, any company can attain good business results in terms of sales and revenue. Digital Marketing includes website management and promotion, Social Media Management, Email marketing, Online Advertising, Blogging, Video Marketing and Mobile SMS Campaigns. CQS Training offers Certificate course in Digital Sales and Marketing which covers all the important modules of Digital marketing.

Course Module
  • Module 01: Overview of  Digital Marketing  
    • What Is Digital Marketing?
    • Need & Benefits Of Digital Marketing
    • Scope & Opportunities of Digital Marketing
    • Comparing Digital And Traditional Marketing
    • How Online Marketing works?
    • Defining Marketing Goals
    • Case Studies
    Module 02: Website Fundamentals & Tools
    1. WordPress Hosting and installation options
    • CMS Introduction
    • Introduction to Domain & Hosting
    • Setting up Web Hosting.
    • Registering a Domain Name
    • Downloading and Installing WordPress on your Web Space
    2.  WordPress Templates
    • Adding a pre-existing site template to WordPress
    • Creating and adding your own site template to WordPress
    3. Configuring WordPress Setup Options
    • When and How to Upgrade Wordpress
    • Managing User Roles and Permissions
    • Managing Spam with Askimet
    4. Adding WordPress Plug-ins
    • Downloading and Installing plug-ins
    • Activating Plug-ins
    • Guide to the most useful WordPress plugins
    5. Adding Content
    • Posts vs Pages
    • Adding Content to Posts & Pages
    • Using Categories
    • Using Tags
    • Managing User Comments
    6.  Managing Media in WordPress
    • Uploading Images
    • Basic and Advanced Image Formatting
    • Adding Video
    • Adding Audio
    • Managing the Media Library
    7. Live Wordpress Project
    • Creating Landing Page
    • Report Analysis
    • Creating sign up/ pop up forms
    • Collecting/ Managing Leads
    Module 03: Blogging
    • What is blogging?
    • Importance of blogging
    • How to select your niche?
    • How to create your first blog?
    • Difference between blog & website
    • Customization of blogger themes
    • Tools & plug-ins for Blog
    • Integration of wordpress with blog
    • How to monetize your blog?
    • Overview of Adsense
    • How to earn from blogging?
    • Plans & strategies for blogging
    Module 04: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Introduction To Search Engine
    • What is SEO?
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Off-Page Optimization
    • Search Engine Algorithms
    • SEO Reporting
    • White Hat SEO
    • Black Hat SEO
    • Grey Hat SEO
    • Latest SEO Techniques & Tools
    Ø On Page SEO
    • Title Tag Optimization
    • Meta Description
    • Keywords
    • Website Audit
    • Anchor Texts
    • Header / Footer
    • Headings/ H1 Tags
    • Creating Robots File
    • Creating Sitemaps
    • Content Optimization
    • URL Renaming
    • Alt Attributes
    • HTML and CSS Validation
    • Canonical error Implementation
    • Keyword Density
    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Google analytics and Tracking
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Schema Mark-up
    Ø Off  Page SEO
    • Directory Submission
    • Forum Submission
    • Blogs Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Blog Commenting
    • RSS Submission
    • Articles Submission
    • Video Submissions
    • Back linking
    • Press Releases
    • Classifieds
    • Link Building
    • Favicons
    • QnA
    • Guest Postings
    Ø Technical SEO
    • Sitemap
    • Robots.txt file
    • 404 Error
    Module 05:  Google My Business 
    • What is Local Listing?
    • Need & Benefits of Local Listing
    • Google Maps & Bing Maps
    • How to optimize Local Business?
    • Google Maps and Bing Maps.
    • Optimizing websites for Local Business
    • Setting Logo, cover photo, interior & exterior photos
    • Create posts, events, offers, products/ services 
    • Where &  How to target your Audience
    • Review & Ratings in Local Business
    • Etiquettes for Local Business
    Module 06: Digital Analytics
    • Google Webmaster Tool (Google Search Console)
    • Google Analytics Tool
    • Content Performance Analysis
    • SEO check points
    • Site Speed Analysis
    • Website mobile friendliness 
    • Visitors Analysis
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Website Performance Analysis
    Ø Google Search Console
    • How to create an account
    • Integrate with Blog/ website
    • Important Plug-ins
    • Account optimization
    • Site Performance
    • Coverage/ Fix Errors
    • URL Inspection
    • Generate Sitemaps
    Ø Google Analytics Tool
    • How to create an account
    • Account optimization
    • Goal optimization
    • Funnel creation
    • In- depth knowledge of: Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion
    • Traffic, sessions, Bounce rate Analysis
    • Live Project
    • Export Reports and deep Analysis
    • Performance Improvement Key points
    Module 07: Understanding C Panel
    • Understanding File Manager Functions
    • Root Directory
    • Important Files and Folders
    • Email Accounts
    • Softaculous Applications
    Module 08: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Social Media Tools
    • Choosing best Social Media Platforms for Marketing
    • What are Social Media Ads?
    • Difference between Social Media and Search Engine Ads
    • Optimize Social Media Campaigns to Promote growth and position your brand in the global digital marketplace
    • Creating Social Media Marketing Strategy
    • Importance of Hash tags
    • Competitor Research
    • Campaign Objectives
    • How to run ads - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube
    • Effective Ads to Lead Generation
    • Re- marketing in Social Media
    • Audit Tools of Social Media
    • Insights & Report Analysis
    Module 09: Content Planning & Promotions
    • Introduction To Content Marketing
    • Objective Of Content Marketing
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Plan content for different marketing channels
    • Create Content Calendar
    • How To Write Great Compelling Content
    • Keyword Research For Content Ideas
    • Unique Ways To Write Magnetic Headlines
    • Tools To Help Content Creation
    • How To Market The Same Content On Different Platforms
    Module 10: Email Marketing
    • What Is Email Marketing
    • Why E-Mail Marketing Is Necessary?
    • Email Marketing Basics
    • Popular Email Marketing Softwares
    • Email Marketing Goals
    • Best Ways To Target Audience And Generate Leads
    • Introduction To Mail Chimp
    • Email Marketing Strategy
    • Improving ROI With A/B Testing
    • Automation
    • Advance Techniques of Optimizing the Campaigns
    • Track email open rate
    • Integration with other social accounts, Analytics
    • Project Case Study
    • Creating email for Remarketing Ads on Facebook/ Instagram & Google Ads
    • Customer Acquisition Strategies
    Module 11: Pay Per Click Advertisement
    • Introduction to Paid Ad
    • Need of paid advertisement
    • What is Google Ads?
    • What is Adgroups?
    • Google Ads v/s PPC
    • Keyword Match Types
    • Ad Extensions
    • Keyword research tools
    • Keyword planning strategies
    • What are campaigns?
    • Types of campaign- search ads, display ads., video ads., shopping ads.  
    • CTR & it  importance
    • User Journey of Google Ads and it  bidding process
    • Remarketing Ads
    • Campaign Performance Analysis
    • Report Insights
    Module 12: Google Adsense
    • What is Google AdSense
    • How it Works?
    • AdSense Guidelines
    • AdSense setup
    • AdSense insights
    • Website ideas for online earning
    • Applying different ads on website/ blog
    Module 13: E-commerce Marketing
    • What is E-commerce?
    • How E- commerce is taking over the Traditional Business?
    • Pre-Requisite for E-commerce
    • Understanding of Products/ Services
    • Understanding of Audience
    • B2B and B2C Industry
    • Structure of E- commerce Marketing
    • Top E-commerce Tools to Increase Traffic Engagement and Boost Conversions
    • Payment Gateway, Shipping Methods, Track Order, etc.
    Module 14: Affiliate Marketing
    • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
    • How Affiliate Marketing Works?
    • Need of Affiliate Marketing
    • How To Find Affiliate Niche?
    • Different Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing
    • Top Affiliate Marketing Networks & Strategies
    • Platforms for Affiliate Marketing
    • Methods To Generate And Convert Leads
    • Affiliate Account Creation
    • Affiliation with Amazon
    • Affiliation with Flip kart
    • Top Agencies for Affiliate
    Module 15: Inbound Marketing
    • Introduction to Inbound Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing Terminologies 
    • How to use Pull Marketing?
    • Buyer  Journey Steps
    • Set KPIs
    • Strategies of Inbound Marketing
    • Learn how to attract potential customers into the conversion funnel
    • Convert prospects to leads using emails
    • Convert traffic to leads and nurture leads using emails
    Module 16: Video Marketing
    • Why video Marketing?
    • Need and scope of Video Marketing in 2020
    • Benefits of Video Marketing
    • Strategies for Video Marketing
    • Best video sharing platforms
    • Video Marketing through YouTube
    • Video Monetization
    • Channel  Creation
    • Channel  Optimization
    • Video Sharing Techniques
    • Brand Building through Video
    • Video Marketing Campaign
    Module 17: Mobile Marketing
    • Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
    • Need of Mobile Marketing
    • Different types of Mobile Marketing
    • Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites
    • Tools to create mobile Apps
    • Top 5 Apps for Digital Marketing
    • App store optimization (App name, App description, logo, screenshots)
    • Searched position of app
    • Reviews and downloads
    • Organic promotions of app
    • Paid Promotion
    • Monetize your Apps
    • Latest Trends in Mobile Marketing
    • Report Study and Analysis
    Module 18: Online Reputation Management
    • What is ORM?
    • Why ORM Is Important?
    • Understanding ORM Scenario
    • Different Ways To Create Positive Brand Image Online
    • Understanding Tools For Monitoring Online Reputation
    • Step By Step Guide To Overcome Negative Online Reputation
    • Preventive measures in ORM
    • User Behavior Study
    • Techniques for building Brand Reputation
    Module 19: Lead Generation
    • What Is Lead Generation?
    • Lead Generations Steps
    • Best Way To Generate Lead
    • How To Generate Leads From – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Direct Mail, Blogs, Videos, Infographics, Webinar, Strong Branding, Media
    • Tips To Convert Leads To Business
    • Measure And Optimize
    Module 20: Practical Projects
    • Various Case Studies & History
    • Creating Landing Page
    • Sign up & Pop-Up forms to collect Leads
    • Work on Live Project with- Keyword Placement,  Title Creation, Meta Tag Creation, Meta Description Creation.
    • Content Creation/ Specification/ Content Optimization
    • Keyword Density Enhancement
    • Image Optimization
    • Video Optimization
    • URL Structure Analysis/ Renaming Rewriting URL 
    • Canonical Issues/ Duplicate Content Issue
    • Navigation/ Information Architecture
    • sitemap Creation
    • Use of Robots. txt
    • Solve 404 Errors
    • Group Discussion on Trending Topics
    • Quizzes on Digital Marketing
    • Tests & Assignments
    Module 21: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • What is CRM?
    • Importance &  Benefits of CRM
    • CRM funnel & strategies
    • Learn about Market Place Listing
    • Managing Consumer Experience with the listings
    • Client Management
    • Learn leadership skills to manage complex digital marketing client projects
    Module 22: Professional Skills Training
    • Learn tools & skills for successful campaigns
    • Marketing Automation
    • Strategies to Automate Marketing Operations
    • Growth Hacks for Business
    • Email newsletters
    • Social Media Post Scheduling 
    • Lead Nurturing Workflows
    • Campaign Tacking & Reporting
    • Managing Digital Initiatives
    • Give Effective Presentations
    • Preparation for Interviews
    • Prepare own work to show it to clients
    • Industry Visits/ Internship
    Module 23: Certifications
    • Prepare for Certificates
    • CQS Certificate
    • Google Analytics (Beginner/ Advanced)
    • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Digital Unlocked/ Digital Garage)
    • Google Analytics (Beginner/ Advanced)
    • Google My Business
    • YouTube Music 
    • Google Search Ads
    • Google Display Ads
    • Google Video Ads
    • Google Shopping Ads
    • Inbound Marketing (Hotspot)
    • Social Media Management (Hubspot)
    • SEMrush Technical SEO
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing

Course Description
  • Graduates in any Academic stream with aggregate scores of >=50%
    Students of class X, XII, Under Graduates or Post Graduates.

  • Duration 6 Month
  • Course Type Offline