Course Detail
  • These days most folks believe websites and therefore the internet to urge most of the knowledge . Websites also are getting more and more advanced to satisfy the increasing demand for people to access information from websites. 80% of developers mostly utilize PHP to make modern-day dynamic websites running on the web today. PHP may be a server-side open-source scripting language and it is simple to read, understand, and write code in PHP for modern-day websites. For this, you would like to enroll during a PHP certification course.

Course Module
    • Installing and configuring PHP
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Basic PHP Syntax
    • Some Fun Right Away
    • Editors and Staying Organized
    • Variables, Numbers, Dates and Strings
    • Control Structures
    • How to use a database, such as mySQL
    • Using PHP and mySQL Together
    • How to create forms to Display, Add, Edit, and Delete data
    • Session Variables
    • Working with Images
    • PHP File Uploads
    • Security Consideration

Course Description
    • Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers
    • HTML5
    • Database

  • Duration 2 Months
  • Course Type Offline