Course Detail
  • Work with a variety of tasks in natural language processing by learning how to use the R language and tidy data principles.
    The R language is recognized together of the foremost powerful and versatile statistical software packages, enabling users to use many statistical techniques that might be impossible without such software to assist implement such large data sets. R has become an important tool for understanding and completing research.
    Learn how to use the essential R tools you would like to understand to research data, including data types and programming concepts.

Course Module
    • Introduction
    • Variables In R
    • Data Types
    • Vector
    • Lists
    • Arrays
    • Matrices
    • Factors
    • Data Frames
    • Flow Controls
    • Selector Statement
    • R - Operators
    • Loops
    • Break Statement
    • Next Statement
    • Functions In R Programming
    • Built-In Function
    • General Functions
    • Math Functions
    • Statistical Functions
    • Write Function In R
    • Apply(), Sapply(), Tapply() In R
    • Import Data Into R: Read Csv, Excel, Spss, Stata, Sas Files
    • Algorithms
    • Data Classifications

Course Description
    • Learner must have a knowledge to work with windows environment.
    • A basic knowledge of programming logics is preferred.

  • Duration 2 Months
  • Course Type Offline