Course Detail
  • Angular 8 has been out a number of months now, and includes one or two of useful new features developers are already putting to good use. Google has developed a  popular client-side web framework which continues to evolve, and therefore the latest major release includes features that concentrate on performance, stability and tooling.

    Here is the listing of the highest 5 new features within the framework :
    • Differential loading
    • Lazy loading
    • Create web workers with the CLI
    • Builder and workspace APIs
    • A guide to existing features

Course Module
    • Angular Fundamental
    • Typescript Deep Dive-Typescript Architecture
    • Setting Up Environment For Angular
    • Angular Architecture
    • Introduction to components
    • Angular Pipes
    • Angular Services
    • Angular Forms
    • Observables & Rxjs
    • NG Modules
    • Dependency Injection
    • Http client
    • Consuming HTTP Services
    • Routing & Navigation
    • Angular Animations
    • Angular Materials
    • Unit Testing In Angular
    • Advanced Topics

Course Description
  • Anyone with a knowledge of

    • OOP
    • HTML5.

  • Duration 2 Months
  • Course Type Offline