Course Detail
  • React JS, a relatively new JavaScript library, is actively used for developing a variety of user interfaces. React JavaScript allows building a variety of interfaces, also as web applications that account for the info that changes over time without prompting the user to reload the page. you ought to learn React JS if you wish to create the interfaces you develop fast, simple, and scalable.

Course Module
    • ReactJS
    • Features of ReactJS
    • Advantages of ReactJS
    • Disadvantages of ReactJS
    • Using ReactJS from CDN
    • Using NPM Packages
    • What is JSX?
    • What are Components in ReactJS?
    • What is a State in ReactJS?
    • What are Props in ReactJS?
    • Life Cycle of a Component
    • Working with Hooks
    • Working with Forms
    • Working with Events in ReactJS
    • Working with Inline CSS in ReactJS
      • Working with External CSS in ReactJS

Course Description
    • Knowledge of HTML5,CSS, and JS is required.
    • Should be familiar with programming concepts like Objects, Classes, Functions, Arrays, etc.
    • Need to gain an understanding of what ES6 code compiles to, for this, you can refer to Babel REPL

  • Duration 2 Months
  • Course Type Offline