Course Detail
  • C# has consistently been one of the highest three programming languages to be told as it is used widely throughout the industry. This course, C# Fundamentals, will assist you to be comfortable with fundamental programming concepts on any platform. First, you may find out about the syntax of the C# language. Next, you may discover the built-in features of .NET. Finally, you will explore the way to solve problems using object-oriented programming techniques. once you are finished with this course, you may have the talents and knowledge you wish for real-world solutions.

Course Module
    • Introduction to C #
    • Working with CLR
    • Class Design with OOP
    • Operators In C #
    • Control flow In C #
    • Arrays In C #
    • Strings & Regular Expressions In C #
    • Implementing Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Abstraction in C #
    • Working with namespaces
    • Set and Get Properties
    • Access specifier
    • Type Casting
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Collections with Generics
    • Working with Threads in C #
    • Working with Delegates
    • File IO and Serialization
    • Working with DB

Course Description
  • OOPS
    Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and want himself/herself to upskill in c# and its fundamentals.

  • Duration 2 Months
  • Course Type Offline