Course Detail
  • Developing Web Applications Using Servlets and JSP, focuses on developing Web applications within the Java EE platform. It introduces Java EE Web components, like Java Server Pages (JSP) and servlets and the way to effectively use these components to develop dynamic sites course explains various Java Web development techniques, like session management, request dispatching, filtering, JavaBeans, custom tags, ORM, JPA, Struts, JAAS, and few basic security techniques.

    During this course, learn making servlets, handling servlet life cycle events, perform inter-servlet communication, and implement advanced servlet techniques like threading and filtering. Student also will learn to create JSP applications using JavaBeans, create custom tag libraries, work with EL, work with JSTL, work with JNDI, and implement security using JAAS. additionally , student will learn to create JavaEE application on the MVC design pattern using Struts.

Course Module
  • Introducing Web Application Development
    Exploring the Java Servlet Technology
    Implementing Inter-Servlet Communication
    Managing Sessions
    Exploring Java Server Pages Technology
    Creating Scriptless JSP Pages
    Storing and Manipulating Data in a Web Application(JDBC & ORM)
    Developing Asynchronous Web Applications
    Developing a Secure Web Application

Course Description
  • Anyone with a basic knowledge of windows environment.
    Knowledge of HTML5 and J2SE is required.

  • Duration 2 Months
  • Course Type Offline