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CQS, a training institute in Skills and Talent Development takes an initiative to encourage aspiring professionals to enhance their knowledge through industry ready programme, together with their update academic curriculum. As part of this initiative, having worked with various industries so closely, we understand the changing workforce requirements in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Organizations today seek candidates with complex problem-solving abilities, understanding of data, new-age digital technologies and client-facing skills. 

Future Ready skill, an initiative by CQS, aims to build awareness in today’s aspiring professionals about the new possibilities and provide them with an opportunity to develop and grow in the field of their choice through our industry leading programmes.

CQS  being the Talent Development institution and with the emergence of New Age Careers in Digital transformation, Banking and Finance, Data Analytics etc., we have strengthened our offerings to prepare candidates across Delhi/ NCR to be better equipped in their preferred domain, by imparting the best content by Industry experts.